History  Grauholz rest stop

Since it was founded over forty years ago, the motorway service area of Grauholz belongs to the street scene of Switzerland's main highway and has always been called the welcome place to motorists in Bern.
Over the decades, the company has always remained in the possession of the famous Gastro-business families Haller, Hubler and Gerber, and is today one of the last remaining independent and group-free highway rest stops in Switzerland. Since the opening of the Grauholz Cafébar Nord and Süd in 1975, the company continued to grow and at regular intervals new additions were made like the Hotel Grauholz or the Grauholz Märit, to give just two examples. To meet the growing needs of customers, the A1 Hotel restaurant Grauholz Co. invests in the infrastructure of the rest stop. Since the year 2013, in the course of the general reconstruction of the site of the Grauholz rest stop by the County of Bern, several major reconstruction projects of A1 Hotel Restaurant Grauholz Co. have been implemented. Always with the goal in mind to provide customers with an enjoyable stay at the Grauholz rest stop and the needs of today's environment to be fulfilled.

Milestones A1 Hotel Restaurant Grauholz co.

  • 1975 Opening of Grauholz Cafebar Süd and Grauholz Cafebar Nord
  • 1976 Opening of Grauholz Restaurant Nord
  • 1985 Opening of Grauholz Märit
  • 1991 expansion of sun porch and conservatory of Grauholz Restaurant Nord
  • 1997 Opening of Hotel Grauholz ***
  • 2004 Opening of Grauholz Kiosk
  • 2013 New opening  Restaurant Süd
  • 2014 New opening Nord Grauholz
  • 2016 New opening Bistro-Märit
  • 2020 Reopening Restaurant Süd