A1 Hotel Restaurant Grauholz CO.

The A1 Hotel Restaurant Grauholz Co. is a service company that offers customers solid service in the areas of catering, accommodation and retail.
The Best Western Hotel Grauholz includes 62 bedrooms, three conference rooms, two restaurants, a coffee bar as well as a shop and an independently owned kiosk. In addition, other services are offered such as sanitation rooms, charging stations and an in-house patisserie with an online cake shop. The A1 Hotel Restaurant Grauholz Co. employs approximately 110 employees in sales, service, production, administration, and in the maintenance and conservation of value. The management of the company places great importance on regionally anchoring the rest area with regard to customers and suppliers, as well as with the employees, and strives to bring travelers from Switzerland and abroad one step closer to the Bern region and provide positive experiences.